FraGue mit Akustik Bass

Damn. Hardest part of the website to write. How to tell you who I am, what I do and why you should browse through my content?

Most bios read like overstylized ads that are meant to make you buy stuff. But it feels kind of wrong to write something like this about myself on my own website. That does not mean I am not happy if you book me for a job, come to a gig or buy something. I just dislike writing it.

As you are already here you either know me, stumbled across the page via a search engine or a link somewhere in the depth of the word wide web. If you are not randomly clicking through links, you might be interested in dance, music, movies, storytelling or the life of a freelance artist in general. This is who I am: I dance, create movies, try to make music and love to tell stories – with whatever means I have at hand.

The page was not in eglish from the beginning, so some of the older texts (before August of 2017) are only available in german. Sorry guys.