Hip Hop Move List

The list is below is what I learned in my journey with hip hop dance. It is not complete and will never be as our dances are still alive and growing every day.

Bold is the name of the move that I consider the correct one. Most of the time it’s the name I got taught.

(In parenthesis there are alternative names when written next to the name or general comments when in the back of the line).

In italic letters, I added additional info when I have it. The name after an s stand for source, meaning who I learned the move from. o stands for origin and is used whenever a move is from another style imported into hip hop.

I also add a link to tutorials when I find ones, that I consider good.

  1. The Wop. s Link (Tutorial)
  2. Running Man.
  3. Mike Tyson. s Tarek
  4. Gucci. s Buddha Stretch
  5. Smurf. s Buddha Stretch & Mr. Wiggles (2 different versions)
  6. Steve Martin. s Marcio Ratinho
  7. Robocop. s Suga Pop
  8. Brooklyn Bounce (Criss Cross).
  9. Basketball.
  10. ATL/A-Town Stomp. s Buddha Stretch
  11. Harlem Shake.
  12. Dice Game. s Marcio Ratinho
  13. Roger Rabbit (Reject). s Budda Stretch
  14. Bart Simpson. s Buddha Stretch (Tutorial)
  15. The Prep. s Link
  16. Bankhead Bounce. s Link
  17. Monastery. s Yuljah
  18. The Snake.
  19. Janet Jackson (Janet, Barbie). s Marcio Ratinho
  20. Kick Ball Change (Flintstone). s Storm
  21. The Guess.
  22. Party Machine/Spongebob. s Buddha Stretch
  23. Leo Walk. s Flowmaster
  24. Shamrock. s Niako
  25. C-Walk.
  26. Walk it out. s Buddha Stretch
  27. Tone Whop. s Buddha Stretch
  28. Pepper Seed. s Link
  29. Penguin. s V-cell
  30. Upstairs Downstairs (Up & Down).
  31. Funky Penguin.
  32. Happy Feet. s Link
  33. Crazy Legs. s Peppi Meilinger
  34. Toss it up. s Buddha Stretch
  35. The Freak. s da B├╝rgermasta
  36. Patty Duke. s Mister Wiggles
  37. Brooklyn Stomp.
  38. Pacman (Crab).
  39. Lite Feet.
  40. Bizmarkie. s El Fonky Juice (Tutorial)
  41. James Brown (Good Foot). s Storm
  42. Baseball Bat.
  43. Bad One.
  44. Chicken Noodle Soup.
  45. Al-Be.
  46. Old Man. s Storm o Popping
  47. Rocksteady.
  48. Dougie.
  49. Chicken Neck. s Brian Green
  50. Cat Daddy (Tina Turner).
  51. Ney Ney (Nae Nae). s Link (Tutorial)
  52. Alf. s Suga Pop
  53. Bobby Brown (Cold Duck). s Suga Pop
  54. Sophisticated Sissy. s Suga Pop
  55. Cabbage Patch. s Suga Pop
  56. Camel Walk. s Suga Pop
  57. Holly Pill. s Mister Wiggles
  58. Walking Backwards. s Mister Wiggles
  59. Spanish Freak. s Mister Wiggles