A list of stuff I did featuring a short description and my role in the production. You can jump to the official page of the production by clicking the image. These links will take you to external sites and open in new tabs.

Puppeteer, Shortfilm, 2018. Producer, Director, Camera.

Elsewhere, Shortfilm, 2016. Producer, Director, Screenplay.

Four Elements was an improvisational performance at Schmiede Hallein.
2016 / concept, organization

photo: Erli Grünzweil

Hidden in Plain Sight is a conceptional dance piece about repetition and interaction.
2016 / dancer

Pied Piper Reloaded is a Victorian age dance short film.
2015 / producer, writer, director


photo: Dusana Baltic

Anthropozän is a dance theatre piece about climate change.
2015 / dancer, choreographic assistant

photo: Frank Wimmer

The dance theatre piece [ESC] is about mindless media consumption.
2014 / producer, director, choreographer

#fomo - foto by shananeira

photo: Dusana Baltic

#fomo is a dance theatre piece about social media.
2014 / dancer, choreographic assistant

photo: Kintrup Photography

Anastasis is a solo dance piece about personal development.
2013 / choreographer

Barcoded is a dance theatre piece about privacy and surveillance.
2011 / producer, director, choreographer, dancer

photo: Nobulus

Out of the Shadow is a dance theatre piece about ego and greed.
2008 / dancer

photo: Unknown Artists

Break me Amadeus is “historic correct” piece about the life of Mozart.
2006 / dancer