A list of things I worked on, featuring a short description and my role.

A Taste of Things to Come, NFT Comic, 2021. Commissioned and Minted.

NFTs are unique blockchain items. They might be the future of sales and distribution in art. I created this one while figuring out how they work and if we can utilize them easily. My preliminary verdict: NFTs will be big in the future.

photo: FraGue

The Fragrance of Memories, neoclassical album, 2020. Management.
The Fragrance of Memories is available for streaming and purchase.

Schöpfung, Theatre, 2020. Director.

Puppeteer, Shortfilm, 2018. Producer, Director, Camera.

Elsewhere, Shortfilm, 2016. Producer, Director, Screenplay.

Four Elements, Performance, 2016. Concept, Organization.

photo: Erli Grünzweil

Hidden in Plain Sight, Dance Theatre, 2016. Dancer

Pied Piper Reloaded, Shortfilm, 2015. Producer, Writer, Director

photo: Dusana Baltic

Anthropozän, Dance Theatre, 2015. Dancer, Choreographic Assistant.

photo: Frank Wimmer

[ESC], Dance Theatre, 2014. Producer, Director, Choreographer.

#fomo - foto by shananeira
photo: Dusana Baltic

#fomo, Dance Theatre, 2014. Dancer, Choreographic Assistant.

Pia Grohmann aka Cosamia in Anstasis
photo: Kintrup Photography

Anastasis, Dance Theatre, 2014. Director, Choreographer.

photo from Mike Tike and Ragnaroksi in Barcoded

Barcoded, Dance Theatre, 2011. Producer, Choreographer, Dancer.

photo from Out of the Shadow
photo: Nobulus

Out of the Shadow, Dance Theatre, 2007. Dancer.

The Unknown Artists before performing Break Me Amadeus
photo: Unknown Artists

Break Me Amadeus, Dance Theatre, 2006. Dancer

This list does not contain my written publications. You can find those under books.