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Dance Espresso is my Instagram format where I break down ideas, concepts and methods for your dance, dance business or to facilitate growth in our dance scene.

I try to keep every episode as short as possible as it forces me to get straight to the point and practise my skills in communicating clearly. The idea is to give it the vibe of a short chat while grabbing an Espresso at the cafe of your choice.

The best chats are had over a cup of coffee.

You can find a list of the episodes below – newest ones on top.

#24 The specialist trap

#23 Pick your battles

#22 Creative work demands focus

#21 Make your work specific

#20 1.000 True Fans

#19 A universal business strategy

#18 How to overcome creative block

#17 Other’s people cheap shows don’t ruin your price – you do

#16 Don’t feel guilty when you take a break

#15 Your contribution matters

#14 Why we underperform in competitions and how to fix it

#13 Why we suck when we compare us with others

#12 Why we separate creation and evaluation

#11 Don’t water down your signal with needless noise

#10 Win new customers with a clear artist identity

#9 Create your spot in the business or scene by adding unique value

#8 Be the master of your digital life, instead of it’s slave

#7 About Fake Feedback

#6 But you are not a pro

#5 How to give proper feedback

#4 Things to consider when listening to feedback

#3 Perfect is the enemy of good.

#2 Make it easy for fans to support you online.

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Thx for an amazing response to Monday’s Dance Espresso 1. This one is a follow-up and almost equally important, at least for those who rely on income from their art. We know that people out there are eager to support or consume our art, whether locked down or not. So as an artist, we should make it easy for people to do so. Either by having something that people can buy, offering online classes that are open for everyone to join, or having payment gateways like Paypal, Patreon or Ko-Fi set up and running. It is neither smart nor cool to rely solely on methods that would have been state-of-the-art around 2000. There are people out there who already made it easy to support, work, or consume their stuff online. Here are some examples for inspiration: @bboydojo is an amazing example of an online teaching platform, as is @beyondthemoves. @jajavankova offers hers via @vimeo on demand. It is straightforward to set up if you are planning to do paid videos. @emmanuel_adelekun has his One Page Comic Collection up for sale on Amazon. (By the way, if there was a Volume 2, I would have it already). Think about what you can offer and make it happen.

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#1 How to support artists and culture during a lockdown?

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Read the caption for more details! Many countries are either sliding directly into Covid-19 lockdown #2 or are already locked down. This hits artists and people working in culture extra hard. While there are some government support and public funding, most people are on their own. Here are 3 possibilities to support your fellow artists during the lockdown, when shows are canceled and culture venues closed. I wrote a longer post about the topic on my blog, which you can find via my bio link. As one integral part of helping artists make it through the lockdown is sharing their work to have more eyeballs on it and potentially show it to new fans >> tag your artist friends in the comments and add a hashtag for their main discipline. I will do this as well, but can only tag 20 people. If I miss someone, please add them to your comment. Peace #sharingiscaring #danceespresso #artistssupportartists

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