Activity Synergies for Dance Teachers

A while ago, I wrote about different possibilities that you can build your dance career around. During the last weeks, we explored teaching as a primary activity in your business. Check out the overview, curriculum and responsibility posts if you didn’t read them already.

To build our work as stable and secure as possible, I recommend adding in additional work fields. Below is a list of the ones that I consider exceptionally viable choices if teaching is your primary source of income. That does not mean, they are the only ones, but they synergise with teaching very well.

  1. Performing. Naturally, your students will love to watch you dance. If you have a performance within a reasonable travel distance, they will go and watch it.
  2. Producing Stage Pieces. Same reasons as above.
  3. Organising Events. Same same. If your students like your work, they will be at the events.
  4. Videography can help you in different forms.
    • You produce clips that are up for sale. Your students will most likely take a look.
    • You create videos from class choreographies. There are a lot of students out there who look forward to being in that clips and will be motivated by that.
    • If you are big online, it will work as an advertisement for your classes.
  5. Producing Music. Use your music in class. If it’s good, people will ask where to get it. Boom. Direct Selling at its finest. Double-check if your teaching and the story you tell in classes, align with your Artist Identity as a musician.
  6. Writing. As soon as you have sellable products that complement your classes, you will be able to sell them. A blog can help you build your reputation and act as your primary means of advertising online.

You experience point #6 – writing in action, right now.

There is nothing wrong with the other possibilities. Just take a look if one of those comes easy for you, as these synergies are powerful.

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