Dance & Business

Check out my recent posts about dancing or running a dance business.

Mindset & Philosophy

What’s up on my mind when it comes to philosophy and our society?

Take the Red Pill

Am I a Red Piller?

Recently someone asked me how I am affiliated with the Red Pill movement. Baffled by this question, my answer was, “I am not.” After a

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Matrix code with the text "what has been seen, can not be unseen"

The Matrix Metaphor

The movie “Matrix” from 1999 is referenced daily to describe moments where people are aware of or unaware of different situations. We use the Matrix

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Books & Movies

Inspiring books, magazines, movies or shows. Simply stuff that I enjoyed reading or watching.

Business people

The best business mindset books

Public education is presented as a foundation for success in life. Still, it doesn’t prepare students for careers in business and entrepreneurship. Witnessing the development

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A stack of mind-bending books for extra fun in times of the so-called Corona pandemic.

Best books about society in 2023

Strange times, that’s for sure. We are confused. Some of us scream for more personal responsibility and freedom, while others want stronger government intervention and

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My ArtVentures

First award for Elsewhere

During the christmas holidays Elsewhere was screened at CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and received an award in the category “Best Editing”. Congratulationsto to the whole

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