Of Freestyle and Choreography

Sometimes people argue about stupid shit. A prime example for this is the discussion of freestyle vs choreography in hip hop dance. What this discussion misses is that freestyle and choreography are the same things but under different conditions. Both are about creating our dance; one is spontaneous, and the other is a slow and […]

Join me on a rhythmic journey through the vibrant world of hip hop dance. This article is tailored to serve as your compass in navigating hip-hop’s pulsating beats and intricate moves, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in its dynamic essence. I will also give practical advice on how to learn, practice, and master it. […]

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Grab a coffee and allow me to introduce myself. I’m FraGue Moser-Kindler, a passionate artVenturer weaving together the realms of storytelling, dance and music, exploring the harmonious dance between movement and stillness, all while cherishing the bonds of family and sharing my journey of self-discovery and artistic expression with a like-minded community.

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Freestyle dance is an art in itself. When we watch someone dance, more often than not, it’s the raw, unscripted moments that leave us awestruck. That’s the beauty of freestyle dance – it’s an unfiltered expression, a dance of the soul, unique to the dancer. It’s like a painter’s brushstroke, distinct and telling a story […]

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of my life. From the logical corridors of software engineering to the rhythmic pulse of dance floors, from martial arts mats to meditative stillness, this journey unravels the multifaceted existence of an individual ever on the quest for self-discovery and purpose. Welcome to a narrative that blurs the lines between […]

Hey there, fellow groove enthusiasts. Diving into the world of dance choreography? It’s a wild ride. Imagine painting, but instead of a canvas, you’ve got beats; instead of brushes, you’ve got limbs flying around. Choreography is that fascinating bridge between the heart’s emotion and the body’s motion. It’s where our stories, feelings, and sometimes our […]

Rhythm Mastery for Street Dancers: 3 steps to unlock perfect musicality in every move

Selling and distributing art has always been a pain in the ass, but blockchain offers a potential solution with NFTs – which stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. Imagine being able to sell your piece of work, which can be everything that you can bring into the digital space, immediately and worldwide with 100% proof of who […]

This is a list of easy to learn hip hop dance moves that will get you started on your journey as a beginner hip hop dancer. As soon as you are through with these moves, check out my general list of hip hop dance moves. Easiest hip hop dance moves to learn as a beginner […]

The past few years have only shown us that dance remains a crucial form of cultural expression that transcends history and space. National Geographic’s look at virtual dance parties shows how, when many of us were stuck socially distancing in 2020, dance allowed us to express ourselves, our joys, and our love and sadness. The flood of […]

Recently someone asked me how I am affiliated with the Red Pill movement. Baffled by this question, my answer was, “I am not.” After a short exchange, I understand how the idea might arise that I am part of the movement, and I want to address that here shortly, so people who want to find […]

The movie “Matrix” from 1999 is referenced daily to describe moments where people are aware of or unaware of different situations. We use the Matrix Metaphor to state that some newly gained knowledge changes the way we think or radically perceive our surroundings. Typical moments of insights in a dance career are: The connection to […]

Martial Arts Books are an underestimated way to improve your craft and fighting skills. Most of your work happens in the gym and between you, your fellow practitioners and your master. This is the traditional way of martial arts and the predominant model for transferring knowledge. As every practitioner is different, some of us need […]

Public education is presented as a foundation for success in life. Still, it doesn’t prepare students for careers in business and entrepreneurship. Witnessing the development in the past years, I can’t get rid of the impression it’s on purpose. It seems to me our youth is moulded into a working-class caste, similar to the dystopian […]

Clear communication is one of the essential pillars of running your business. It optimises workflows and saves you and your customers a lot of headaches. If neglected, it is a guaranteed set up for misunderstandings, that can damage your relationship with the customer or partner (fellow performers, booking agencies, etc). The goal of clear communication […]

Strange times, that’s for sure. We are confused. Some of us scream for more personal responsibility and freedom, while others want stronger government intervention and control. I did not publish a lot recently. Life kept me busy with things that were not related to dance. I also took the time to read and think a […]

I already wrote about the topic “how to get more dance jobs.” I got some feedback on this article, especially that the stuff in there does not work, and some new requests about how to do it in Austria. What is different in Austria? That is the question we have to answer before diving into […]

George Orwell’s 1984 (also Nineteen Eighty-Four) is a literary memorial of dangers that lurk within governments and, more generally, all power structures that might seek to censor information. Rumour has it that 1984 is awaiting a rewrite as some audiences could find its content disturbing. Today we are talking about reasons you should or shouldn’t […]

When we look around in our social circles, around our friends and even in families, many of us perceive that we are divided on multiple fronts and often seem to have no common ground, even with people we once were close to. This gets even more obvious when we see there is more and more […]

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Check out our list of suggestions for Christmas presents and gifts specifically for your dancer friends. It is that time of the year again. The months before Christmas, when we start wondering about the presents, we can gift our friends or kids. I’ll refer to friends for the rest of this page. Dancers tend to […]

Many artists and content creators struggle with monetizing their work. They are confronted with biases and self-doubt. More often than not, they think the problem is that their art is just not good enough. In the majority of cases, this is not true. Being an artist and the ability to earn money from your art […]