Messy beginnings: Be brave and early

“Messy beginnings:” Doing something that has never been done, or at least has never been done in a specific context. Infrastructure is missing, issues are fixed with patches and bandages. The result is a patchwork from a few or many enthusiastic people that work towards a common goal. Different people bring different experiences and different […]

2020 and 2021 taught me that doing business with art in the way we did relies way too much on things that I can’t control. I also learned that I absolutely detest that. So what can one do, who spent half of his life dancing, teaching, and producing dance. Doing something else is not an […]

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Grab a coffee and allow me to introduce myself. I’m FraGue Moser-Kindler, a passionate artVenturer weaving together the realms of storytelling, dance and music, exploring the harmonious dance between movement and stillness, all while cherishing the bonds of family and sharing my journey of self-discovery and artistic expression with a like-minded community.

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This is the Joflow episode of my German podcast Tanzcafé.

Cash Flow is the way we use our money to handle life. It is not exactly something that we are usually taught in school, but it absolutely should be. For artists, a smart cashflow can bring you into a position that enables you to create more, and live the life you want. The points that […]

In this post you'll find four episodes of the German Tanzcafé podcast. This time with Olivia, Sina, Jaekwon and Chris Cross.

Rhythm Mastery for Street Dancers: 3 steps to unlock perfect musicality in every move

Check out the introduction to my new German-language podcast Tanzcafé.
Fact checking is essentially a form of research to confirm if your source of information is legit or not. Find out why you need to do it yourself.
Read up on a demystified version of what it means to be a pro dancer or a dance entrepreneur.
Find out about some some alternatives to the big social media giants that will help you with you research.

Many people who dance entertain the thought of becoming a professional dancer. If you are working in a job that you don’t like or even despise, you should give it a shot. Here is why. A job you hate is bad for your soul. The headline is dramatic, I know, but so is the emotional […]

Why do many people get stuck when they try to create new moves or routines? The answer is simple, but its impact is often underestimated, and therefore, people tend to ignore it. Creation and evaluation (analysis, assessment) are very different processes: In creation mode, you want the ideas to flow freely. Creativity is what you […]

If you are honest with yourself, you'll have an easier time to set goals and manage all the steps that are necessary to lead you there. Here is how and why that is the true way to growth.

On December 7, 2020, the IOC officially approved breaking as a discipline at the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. That’s exciting news for competitive breaking, but the dance scene is ambivalent about it. There is widespread concern that the essence of our dance might get lost, once it gets drawn into the world of sports. […]

Research is an essential component in most contemporary works of art and also in a lot of jobs that aren’t related to art at all. The opinions what research is and how to research appropriately vary by great lengths. This is my point of view on this topic. Not all research is equal Depending on […]

Often we tend to feel that social media is keeping us from doing more important or more productive things. But saying social media is the problem is a serious misinterpretation of the case. If we hang out online instead of doing stuff we want to do – the problem are our priorities. Because we just […]

Over the weekend, I worked on the Red Bull BC One World Final 2020 as part of the editorial team. Here is a list of the stuff we wrote about the event and the winners. (some stories are not linked as they are not yet published) Event Recap and Winner Announcement (written by me) The judge’s […]

Sometimes people use really stupid things to try and diss each other, like the phrase “but you are not a pro.” It is absolutely beyond me, how anyone could think this is a clever way to diss somebody. Check it out in the new Dance Espresso. Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an Ein Beitrag […]

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As we talked about showing our art to the world, the next inevitable step in the chain is receiving feedback. Sometimes because we ask for it, sometimes because people want to share their thoughts. Getting other people’s thoughts about our work is probably the best way to learn about things and improve what we do. […]

Dance Espresso episode 3 is out: this time it is about not showing your work, because it is not yet perfect. But being perfect is not the point. Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an Ein Beitrag geteilt von FraGue Moser-Kindler (@thefrague)