Planning Your Business – The Numbers Game

The next step in being successful with our dance career is having a game plan. It is about knowing what to do to reach our goals money-wise and also from a satisfaction perspective. Today it is about the numbers. You need to evaluate your situation with brutal honesty and set a goal. From there we […]

Today’s topic is how to make your moves more sophisticated by adding decorations to the body parts that are not having an active role in the movement you are doing. What do I mean by active role? A leg that you are standing on has the job to support your body weight. Therefore you can […]

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Grab a coffee and allow me to introduce myself. I’m FraGue Moser-Kindler, a passionate artVenturer weaving together the realms of storytelling, dance and music, exploring the harmonious dance between movement and stillness, all while cherishing the bonds of family and sharing my journey of self-discovery and artistic expression with a like-minded community.

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Another idea that helps you explore new possibilities and transform your freestyles or choreographies is to work with imaginary attributes of the floor. What this means is you style your movement with the goal to create the illusion of dancing on a certain kind of underground. It can be defined through simple adjectives like: sticky […]

Most people who are into dance, flirt with the idea of becoming a professional dancer from time to time. While this is not the right thing for everybody, it is not too hard to pull off for someone who really wants it. With discipline, dedication and honesty about what oneself can do, it is doable, […]

Four Corners is a concept that helps us to break free of a static front and helps us to explore different directions and rotations within a step or a freestyle round. Here is how it works: We envision ourselves standing inside a square or rectangle. When dancing, we try to hit the corners of the […]

Rhythm Mastery for Street Dancers: 3 steps to unlock perfect musicality in every move

The 8-ball is a concept to create new patterns of steps based on figure eight. I heard about this idea the first time from b-boy Alieness who taught an 8-ball six step at Circle Prince Croatia. I can not remember the exact year, to be honest. While there are multiple different 8-ball steps (like the […]

In my early days of blogging I was known for sarcastic rants about every topic I disliked. I stopped this because I did not do any good. Today I have a relapse because I need to get something out. There is one thing that gets more and more uncommon in our society which leads to […]

Usually when a dancer travels to a new city you already have a contact from some dancers there who shows you around and introduces you to the best places. As I took a break from dancing in the last two years due to becoming a daddy, I am trying to catch up with what happened […]

Hip Hop is a culture that lives and thrives through the activities of its members. So far so cool. When we talk about supporting the scene or culture most people think about big things like throwing a jam, founding a crew, organising parties, teaching classes and so on. Not exactly things that everyone is going […]

It’s that time of the year again. Circle Industry is going down next weekend and the b-boy and b-girls are gathering in our small city to find out who can beat the invitational guest in 2 vs 2 or the Checkmate battle. We have an amazing lineup with the Red Bull BC One All Stars, […]

Our new short movie Puppeteer has been accepted into the catalogue of the filmfestival agency Aug & Ohr, that already represented Elsewhere at festivals around the globe. We are looking forward to an amazing festival season in 2019.

When we want something but have limited resources to make it happen, we usually find creative ways to get what we want. That is the essence of creating artificial constraints for our dance practise. Artists and creative entrepreneurs use the technique of artificial constraints to spark creativity in their work with great success. To use […]

Every great thing that happens has it’s roots somewhere. Hip hop freestyle is based on social dances and breaking took a lot from rocking and martial arts. Even krumping, which is not officially hip hop, can not deny that it has roots inside the hip hop culture. The music we krump to evolved from hip […]

Quality of movement is a term that comes up often when you are talking with professional dancers. Depending on who you are talking to, it might have a slightly different meaning, but in general it refers to how good a movement is executed. In my personal point of view this translates directly into how beautiful […]

photo from sassi / Pendulum is a pretty easy concepts that is very similar to Equilibrium. A pendulum goes from one side to the other and back again. So this is what we use as the guideline to create our dance. I use two versions of pendulum: Basic Pendulum: You make a move or […]

Photo from: Bernd Christian Gassner / A lot of artists that are building their reputation are used to do a lot of stuff themselves, even stuff that is not really their core competency. We get so comfortable with doint it all, that there is a risk of thinking we can do everything that is related […]

One question that comes up frequently in beginner classes or even some intermediate classes is: “why do we have to count the music?”. The answer is very simple. Counting is THE way to navigate inside music. All western music that is based on notes (and this is at least 99% of the music that we […]

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During the christmas holidays Elsewhere was screened at CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and received an award in the category “Best Editing”. Congratulationsto to the whole team and this time especially to Berni Weiß. Good job.

When you are deep in a creative project and force yourself to work on it every day, chances are high that you will encounter some sort of mental block on your way. For people who write we call it writer’s block. It is a state where you seem to can not proceed any further in […]